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Realtors, your comfort may be costing you a lot of money

The Metzler Team | Why In House Lenders cost YOU Money | Pre-Approved Buyers | Lead Follow Up | Valid Underwriter Pre-Approvals | Loan Status Reports | For Buyers |

We know there is a Loan Officer on every corner, telling you how great their rates are, and promising to help grow your business. As you know, most of those promises fall flat. We also know it's scary for you to try a new lender, so you stick with the one you know.

Please take a moment to read this entire page to see why we are a lot more than empty promises, and worth trying out as your new lender partner

"All Loan Officers have great rates, competitive closing costs, and multiple programs.  It's everything else that Real Estate Agents need to be concerned about."  - Joe Metzler

Why Real Estate Agents trust Joe Metzler with their clients

Joe strives to establish mutually beneficial relationships with Realtors.  His goal is to not just ensure all of your clients loans close smoothly, but to work as a team to build each other’s business.

  • We give YOU Referrals to increase your business.

  • Prospect Campaign to ensure none of your valuable leads ever slip through the cracks.

  • Re-Marketing Campaign that can get you in front of thousands of your client’s co-workers, friends, and neighbors

  • Internet Marketing - over 20 loan program specific web sites to drive customers to both of us

  • We meet our contract dates.

  • Less Appraisal Issues.  We don’t outsource to AMC's unless in remote areas. We pay our Appraisers $400 per file, require 5 business days turn time, and only allow them to work markets they are experienced in.

  • Experienced.  I have been in the industry over 20-years and know how to get things done.

  • Joe was rated one of the Top 150 IN THE NATION in 2010 by Origination News

  • Smoother Transactions. In-House Underwriting, Constant Communication, and No Surprises.

  • More than one source of funding in house and the ability to broker unusual files

  • Team approach.  We will work together with you as a team during all aspects of the transaction. We cross sell how great you are, before, during, and after the transaction has closed.

  • Satisfied Clients.  We have systems in place to ensure your clients are satisfied, with rave reviews for future referrals

Our after close campaign

  • After Close Thank You Cards

  • Client Surveys

  • Birthday Cards

  • Quarterly Phone Calls

  • Annual Mortgage Review- We provide this service to our client’s friends and family which in turn will find you referrals.  Of course the more prospects you refer for this service the more referrals this will generate for you.

  • We survey our clients to meet new referral partners such as Insurance Agents, CPA’s, and Financial Planners who we then work with to find you referrals.

  • Mailers every 60 days

  • Monthly E-Newsletters

  • Full Email Campaign with dozens of touches per year

Call me today, increase your income tomorrow!


Finding a Loan Officer who provides top notch personal service to get more people approved and closed quickly without wasting your time is easy if you are looking in the right spot.

Joe and Eric Metzler have the experience that you need. Over 25 years combined experience as a leader in the industry. Joe is a Certified Minnesota Mortgage Specialist (MMS), a Certified Home Ownership Accelerator Specialist, a founding member of the Honest Mortgage Brokers Association (UMB), and former Vice-President of Great Rivers Mortgage. Joe Metzler is also a 1998 graduate of the Residential Mortgage Lending School, a member of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers, and the Minnesota Mortgage Association.

Top Loan Officer 2016Top Loan Officer 20152014 Loan Officer of the Year

TOP RATED: Who are you working with?  Did you know Joe Metzler was:



- In-House Originating, Processing, and Underwriting.
- Full Underwriter reviewed pre-approvals (not just Loan Officer reviewed pre-approvals)
- More qualified leads from us = more income to you
- Prompt return of pages and messages
- Smartphone app - Track your files instantly. Push notification of major file milestones Install App
- Weekly updates on all loans in process to all Sales Associates
- Automatic computerized "Loan Status Reports" on the customers loan progress
- Point of Sale Approvals via Laptop Computers
- Wide range of loans - Including FHA loans, VA loans, MHFA / CASA, USDA Rural Development, and most grant and bond programs (City Living, Dakota County First Time Home Buyer) - we are NOT limited to the single offerings of one bank, like you get with the typical in-house lender or big bank. We offer the products of multiple institutions nationwide, giving you and your customers the best financing opportunities. We offer the products of multiple institutions nationwide, giving you and your customers the best financing opportunities
- An Entire Team of Professionals Dedicated to Delivering the Service You Need and the Value Your Customers Deserve

 “My top priority is to be the best service oriented loan officer in the business.”

- Computerized database management of your prospects and joint mail outs for all prospective leads
- Closing package delivered to title company a couple of days before closing of original date of closing. We even review the closing statement with each and every borrower BEFORE closing so there are no surprises.
- I will handle all the details from application to closing. You will have only one number to remember and one person to talk to!

Why In House Lenders Cost You Lost Income

Are You Tired of Giving Deals to The In-House Lender and GETTING NOTHING IN RETURN?
We Understand, and WE CAN HELP!

It's nice being a team player by making the owners of your company wealthy by directing your buyers to the in-house lender and title company. But lets face it. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO INCREASE YOUR INCOME?

How many deals have the in-house lender given you? None?

Our Realtor partners benefit from MUTUALLY REWARDING relationships. Simply put, YOU MAKE MORE MONEY working with us because WE GIVE YOU fully pre-approved buyers WE generate by our marketing activity!

Are You Really Getting The Service You Deserve?
We Deliver Buyers to You!!! - How Cool Is That?

We spend a huge amount of money to acquire fully pre-approved buyers (mass mailings, web sites, radio, etc). We are not Realtors, so we need to pass them along to our "partners". Is that you? Part of that process is being a Preferred Lender with the Home Buyer Scouting Report. What is that you ask? Give me 10-minutes in your office to explain how FOR FREE I can DOUBLE YOUR VOLUME - Even in today's market. How nice would that be?

Are you tired of losing future deals because you don't have the time or staff to follow up?
We understand and We Can Help You.

That is why we have developed a breakthrough follow up system guaranteed to increase your income and give you the time to do what you do best- sell homes. It is a very simple process. You provide us with your fresh leads that you don't have time to follow up with and we'll return that person to you as a pre-approved buyer who can't wait for you to find them a home. We do not care where the lead came from, (newspaper ad, open house, ad call, past customer referral, 1-800 number or current customer referral), we will take the time to pre-qualify that lead, get them prepared to purchase a home, and then approve them to buy it. Once we are through, we will contact you and you are then armed with all the necessary information you need; how much home they can afford, loan program approved for, maximum down payment, and interest rate.

This is a proven system for maximizing your efforts and time. It has proven especially useful for those clients that may have some credit issues to clear up before they can purchase a home. We take them through the process of cleaning up their credit, then we get them pre-approved to buy a home. We will then contact you to take them out and find the home of their dreams. You will have given me a client that could not purchase a home, and I will return them to you as someone who can. Best of all, there is no charge for this service. So, not only will you be saving yourself, you’ll be saving your client money too. Give me a call today and we’ll get started!

We Deliver Valid Underwriter Reviewed Pre-Approval Letters!

We offer both your standard quick Loan Officer Pre-Approval Letter, and full Underwriter reviewed Pre-Approval Letters

Pre-Qualification is generally no more than a Loan Officer has spoken to a potential buyer, and everything sounds good.

Standard Pre-Approval is generally a Loan officer has taken a full application, reviewed a credit report, along with at least some of the clients supporting documents, and should have run the application through the proper AUS (automated underwriting system). This is the most common Pre-Approval, and in most cases is usually OK, but..

  • No Underwriter has looked at anything.

  • Costly verifications have not yet been done, including 4506t tax verifications, and fraud checks.

Yikes! No wonder some deals fall apart.

Full Underwriter Pre-Approval means a full file has been received and reviewed by an Underwriter, including income, asset, IRS verifications, job verifications, etc., have been completed. The only items missing are related to the exact home, inclusing a valid purchase agreement, title search, and appraisal. There are no credit surprises, as everything has already been done.  Unfortunately, this means it may take two to three weeks for the client to get an approval letter.

You can trust a Mortgages Unlimited Pre-Approval Letter has been fully Underwriter reviewed when you see the following seal.

 Underwriter reviewed pre-approval letter

We meet the needs of the Real Estate Agent AND the Client by offering their choice of both the speed of a standard Pre-Approval Letter, or the completeness of a full Underwriting Pre-Approval Letter. Both options are just another example of our commitment to assist you in reaching new levels of achievement in the real estate profession

What a Loan Status Report from the Metzler Team looks likeAre You Really Getting  The Service You Deserve?
Why Waste Days Waiting When You Can Know in Hours!
We Deliver Detailed E-Mail Loan Status Reports!!!

- There's nothing worse than not knowing:
- Not knowing about credit problems...
 Not knowing about appraisal problems...
 Not knowing about closing conditions and on, and on, and on.

Why Waste Time Chasing The Loan  Officer?
Go Out and Sell More Homes!!!

We Let You Know The Whole Way Through! We provide E-Mail Loan Status Reports every week, to all agents, on all loans. This means no last minute surprises prior to closing. Your purchasers benefit. Everyone benefits. Open lines of communication are at the foundation of all effective relationships and without this commitment to excel we would be just another mortgage company. And that is quite simply, not the case.

More Kinds of Borrowers Options means More Business For You!!!

Many people bring their home-owning hopes to you, but not every house hunter earns a large paycheck, or has a big bank account.

That's why we provide all the current financing options to your customers. FHA, VA, MHFA (Minnesota Housing FInance Agency), Zero Down payment USDA Rural Development, plus a whole range of city, county, and state down payment assistance programs.

Less cash upfront means more homes sold: Potential homebuyer's with limited savings can become homeowners with little out of pocket cash. Our loan programs make it easier than ever for you to hand house keys to qualified customers.

The times have changed. Its more important than ever to align yourself with the best in the business.

What We Can Offer the Borrower

-  In House Originating, Processing, and Underwriting of their Loans– This provides the easiest, most cost effective, and hassle-free mortgage available on the market today.
 Point of sale approvals via laptop computers
- Cool Smartphone app to track the loan process, and even receive push notification of major loan milestones.
 Weekly Status Reports on the process of their loans
 Automatic computerized "Loan Status Reports"
- The amazing "Total Cost Analysis" to always guarantee the best rate and cost package.
- Guaranteed IN WRITING Best Rate and Cost Combination and Written Satisfaction Guarantee
- Great Rates through a wide range of lenders as we are both BANKER and BROKER
 Wide range of loans - Including FHA loans, VA loans, MHFA, USDA Rural Development, and most grant and bond programs (City Living, Dakota County First Time Home Buyer) - we are NOT limited to the single offerings of one bank, like you get with the typical in-house lender or big bank. We offer the products of multiple institutions nationwide, giving you and your customers the best financing opportunities
- Non-conforming loans too, like Bank Statement programs, stated income, and asset based programs.
- We review the closing statement prior to closing with the borrower- so you don't have to
 Each borrower has their own personal mortgage consultant to guide them through the mortgage process from start to finish

Mortgages Unlimited Minnesota - Joe Metzler TeamThe Metzler Team at Mortgages Unlimited is well situated to take advantage of the tremendous market that will exist in the Real Estate Industry during the 21st Century. It will be an exciting time with many changes ahead of us, but we have made a name by staying on the cutting edge of technology and offering more innovative loan products than any mortgage banker of its time. Our promise to you is that as the industry changes and new programs are brought forth, we will be right there.

Our after close campaign - Keeps business coming back

  Equal Housing Lender

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Top Minneapolis Mortgage Lender 2012 Member in Good Standings, Minnesota Mortgage Association

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